Linde Oxygen Cylinder BD


Oxygen -Cylender-BD

The product display in the image above has oxygen cylinders, oxygen (02) gas in this cylinder or base Linde Oxygen Cylinder BD.

Whose proof (2000 liters ) is more than two thousand liters. It is use with the help of oxygen flow meter.

If Jadi is given 1 liter in every minute, it will continue for at least 22 hours. Now you can finish in one day or.

You can also use for 1 week or 1 month. If this cylinder gas is finish, refill is to refill. That is, the gas is filled with reunion.

We also give this Sapertat. After seeing the meter offered with cylinders, two hours before the gas finish, we will pay refill in your home within two hours.

As charges we will take the whole 600 taka. What is with the ougen cylinder:

Oxygen Cylinder Receipt

LOCK Meter

Oxygen Mask

Nesal canal can easily go through the trolley in the cylinder trolley.

The use of oxygen cylender :

Use in compress gas cylinders through many industries around the world.

This portable, oxygen versatile packaging gas (medical, aircraft, scuba diving, healthy, cutting, welding, etc.,

and other applications such as electricity-scale tests, for other applications,

metal refinements and other applications in chemicals

Viprs require less special handling because the cylinder valve and regulator matches a device,

then users must follow the manufacturer instructions and especially the VIPR ports must be pollut, especially the port.

Regardless of the application, all oxygen cylinders should know the best practices associat with secure use of users.

In this, we believe in educating the people behind “why” behind “why”,

so users can better understand and manage and manage and manage the compressed oxygen on the cylinder and related systems.

In this article, each of our engineers outlined several best practices taught in each Hoa Oxygen protection course.