What is oxygen?

Oxygen compound Oxygen is a nonmetallic chemical component of group 16 (VIA) of the periodic table linde oxygen cylinder  price bd.

A colorless, tasteless, and odorless gas need by living things – animals that convert carbon dioxi and use CO2 as a source of carbon and send O2 back into the atmosphere. Oxygen forms compounds, reacts with almost any other element, and displaces chemical elements from bonding with each other.

Oxygen production

In many cases, these processes are felt by the release of heat and light. The most important oxygen compound is water.

If oxygen is need to make large amounts, fluid air is use in frequency distillation.

Among the main ingredients of the air, it has the highest high point and, so, low floating than nitrogen and argon. The gas is cooler while expanding.

The main step of operation is as follows: Solid Removal Air Filtered; Moisture and carbon dioxide are remov by absorption in Alcklock; The air is compress, and compression heat is delet by the conventional cooling method; Then he entered the Coil in the Chamber; Constrict gas parts (about 200 ATM pressure is a pressure) chamber, coil cool; Expand gas congestion comes back and the next expansion and compression goes through different stages, so that the wind fluids in 196 ° C.

Liquid first light breaks in Linde-Oxygen the inert gas, then nitrogen, and liquid oxygen residues are heat.

Multiple fractions are an industry that uses fairly clean (99.5%) most industrial purposes.

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