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Oxygen is a transparent gas. It has 22% of air it has no smell or color.Online Oxygen Cylinder Home Service bd Dhaka provides Linde Medical Oxygen everywhere in Bangladesh rent Support at price refill bd…

Gas is part of the way human air is used for breathing. These elements are found in the human body, the sun, the oceans and the atmosphere.

Without oxygen, humans would not be able to survive. It is also a part of a vague life cycle.

General use of oxygen

This gas is used in various industrial chemical applications. It is us to make acids, sulfuric acid, nitric acid and other compounds.

The most reactive variant of this is ozone O2. It is appli to mixed chemical reactions. The goal is to intensify the reaction rate and oxidation of unwante compounds.

Hot oxygen air is needed to make steel and iron in the blast furnace. Some mining companies use it to destroy rocks.

Used in industry

The gas used for industrial cutting, welding and molten metals is capable of producing temperatures of 3000C and 2800C.

It is necessary for oxy-hydrogen and oxy-acetylene flow torches.

A typical welding process goes like this: the metal parts are brought together.

A high temperature flame is used to melt them by heating the junctions.

The end is melt and firm. To slide the metal, one end is heat until it turns red.

Oxygen levels are increas until the red hot material is oxidized. It separates the metal so that it can be separated.

Atmospheric oxygen

This gas is need to generate energy in industrial processes, generators and ships.

As it is us in aircraft and cars as liquid oxygen, it burns spacecraft fuel.Online oxygen cylinder home servicel

This space is close to the astronauts’ species pure oxygen producing the necessary risk.