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How to Choose  Medical Roll Gauze


Medical Roll Gauze

Medical gauze is a light material intended for post-surgical wound applications or deep wound healing. In this introduction, we will concentrate only on sterile gauze. Many gauze applications are for direct wound placement. and maintaining a sterile environment is paramount for healthy Crepe bandage price in bd. Uninhibited Medical bandage price Dhaka healing.specifically in cases where the wound is Medical roll Gauze price in online. The two bandage price in Dhaka general categories of gauze are made from woven and non-woven materials. Medical roll Gauze price in Bangladesh.

  • Woven Gauze: typically means that the gauze contains layers of woven cotton layered together into multiple-ply sheets.
  • Non-Woven Gauze: Non-woven gauze is usually synthetic material made to look like a woven dressing yet maintain the same aeration ability.

Medical Roll Gauze

If you are a patient, a nurse or wound care specialist will dress the wound with the appropriate gauze. It is good to first ask the specialist.. With woven gauze, it is a straight cotton weave. This typically is the cheapest and most used gauze material.  woven gauze can be used for a secondary dressing with moist wound care applications, but as a primary dressing, for heavy exudating wounds, it will be detrimental to the healing process.


The wound can dry and cake around the dressing, making removal both painful and damaging as it can pull up the granulating wound tissue. Medical roll Gauze price in Bangladesh

Types of Medical Gauze and Sample Variations

Non-woven dressings are usually non-adhering. They will not leave residue, because they are synthetic and non-fibrous. They are like a film and make it more comfortable during the removal process. Many have a wave-like pattern to prevent pooling of exudate as well as having a perforation to allow a secondary dressing to absorb.


They can be both dry and wet, meaning they may just be a sterile, dry contact layer, or they are impregnated with petrolatum, antiseptic, or another ‘wet’ substance to speed healing and kill bacteria. The following are select products from Vitality Medical that contain some of these wet substances:


  • Petrolatum: Xeroform Petrolatum Gauze Dressing – Maintains a wet healing wound environment.
  • Saline Dressing: Curity Saline Dressing – Good for heavy exudate as the saline heightens the rate of moisture wicking.
  • Hydrogel Gauze:DermaGauze Hydrogel Impregnated Gauze Dressing – Maintains a moist environment and nurtures damaged vessels or burn areas.

Make sure that the appropriate size of gauze is used so as to adequately cover the wound. The wound may be something that one can cut to fit, but if maintaining a sterile environment is concerned, you will want to be certain to see if this is an option.

Applying Medical Gauze

For deep wounds or wounds that are prone to infection, you may want to consult your physician. Keep in mind that touching non-sterile items will contaminate gloves, so watch what you touch, so that you don’t cross-contaminate. The wound must first be clean and dry. Lay or insert the gauze into the wound bed gently Crepe bandage price in bd. Depending on the amount of exudate, you will change the gauze frequently, typically every day, or multiple times a day if it is a new wound.


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