Many also bring oxygen cylinders into the house. An oxygen cylinder is a special vessel made of iron to hold, inside which oxygen is kept at high pressure. The contains a large amount of oxygen as a result of high pressure. If one liter of oxygen is given per minute, the patient goes for 22 hours in a medium type cylinder.

use of oxygen cylinder

Many people nowadays buy oxygen cylinders at home for medical use, but they do not know how to use them. Bought for medical use, but they don’t know how to use it.
We will now learn how to use oxygen cylinders

If the amount of oxygen in someone’s blood is found to be lower than normal, then the doctor’s advice is to use oxygen just like medicine. Oxygen is us given through a nasal tube. Many also bring oxygen cylinders into the house.

Everything in the oxygen cylinder
Cylinders, high flow, and another is us with artificial instruments in the patient’s respiratory system. There is a medical calculation of the amount of oxygen to be given in adjustment to the level of oxygen in the patient’s body when the level of oxygen is reduc, so a doctor should be consulted before use.